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Hail to The Chief: Remembering Joe Goebel   

October 28, 2022 This episode is about two years overdue!  It is a tribute to my late undergrad percussion professor, Joseph Goebel (11/8/39-10/26/20) who passed away on October 26, 2020.  He was truly, one-of-a-kind!  This episode features me and my memories of The Chief.  It begins with the first time that I met him, at my undergrad percussion audition.  Through a series of vignettes I attempt to paint the picture of studying with and observing Joe.  I talk about his studio, what was meaningful to him…

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Dame Evelyn Glennie  

Friday, June 18, 2021 My next guest is certified super-star, Dame Evelyn Glennie!  I've been following and admiring her career for 20+ years now.  Through video conferencing technology I was able to chat with Evelyn based in London, from my home studio in Philadelphia. In today's segment, Dame Evelyn discusses her earliest music lessons in school, learning percussion with none of the traditional method books, the most important lessons that she learned from her two most influential teachers (Ron Forbes and…

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The Drum Rudiment Edition with Tommy Campbell, Clayton Cameron, Liberty DeVitto, Matt Howard, David Lu, Sherrie Maricle, Berumda Schwartz, Chihiro Shibayama, Michael Vosbein, and John Wooton  

June 13, 2021


Ten of my favorite drummers tell us about their favorite Drum Rudiment!

The panel includes:


Please consider checking out all of these great artists online to see/hear/learn more about their percussive artistry.

Thanks for listening!

Julian Bliss  

May 21, 2021  At long last, Julian Bliss, internationally renowned clarinet phenom, and I get to chat!  It's been two years in the making, but through the beauty of video conferencing we were able to conduct the interview.  The interview starts well, at the beginning, discussing when and why Julian fell in love with the clarinet.  From there we hit a lot of topics, including, performing for the queen at just 12 years old, transitioning to a professional adult musician, his love of danger, on and off stage…

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Anthony J. Cirone  

March 5, 2021, I'm very happy that one of my longtime inspirations in the field of percussion agreed to chat, Mr. Anthony J. Cirone.  Anyone who has ever studied percussion has said the name, 'Cirone!', countless times, due to his groundbreaking snare drum solo book, Portraits in Rhythm.  The book is used at every high school, college, and percussion studio in the world as a barometer of a student's reading ability and musicality on the snare drum.  I've been using this book since the mid-1980s and still…

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Steve Glanzmann  

October 31, 2016 In this episode I speak to a gentleman with a highly specialized job, librarian for The Philadelphia Orchestra, Steve Glanzmann.   Roughly only 350 folks in the entire world hold a similar job, our discussion sheds light on the inner workings of this unique job, the basic requirements, and advice on pursuing this line of work.

In January 2003, Steve was hired as a full-time librarian for The Philadelphia Orchestra.  Since The PO’s 2007-08 Season, Steve has presented many pre-concert…

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Donald Nally  

July 5, 2016:  My next guest and I have known each other for nearly a quarter century, the internationally acclaimed conductor Donald Nally. Having performed in many of his choirs while an undergraduate student at West Chester University in the mid 90’s, and playing and arranging percussion for him outside of the academic setting, my musical life has been incredibly enriched. 

In this episode we learn about Donald’s love-affair with the saxophone, the effect that great (and not-so-great) teachers had on his…

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Michael Kurth  

April 19, 2016 In this episode Sean has a captivating discussion with Atlanta Symphony Orchestra bass player Michael Kurth.  He discusses his earliest influences his including K.I.S.S., The Blues Brothers movie, beating a chest of drawers with a hammer, and his affinity for the rock band Tool, plus a preview of an exciting ASO recording session with music director Robert Spano for the 17-18 season.

Michael Kurth (b. 1971) has been a member of the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra bass section since 1994. The…

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