Chris Coletti 

May 13, 2016: Having unwittingly scheduled an interview for Friday the 13th made me a little nervous, however, Chris Coletti was an incredibly mirthful guest!  He

CC and SJK Strathmore Music Center 1/4/16

 explains how he ended up playing the trumpet although he originally had aspirations of being a violinist or clarinet player, he explains the genesis of his trademark operatic vocal stylings, his mad karaoke skills, going to middle school dressed as a baseball player, having perfect 'enough' pitch, talks about his favorite composer J.S. Bach, his love of Japanese wood working and dream of creating his very own forest one day.

Since joining Canadian Brass in 2009, trumpeter/arranger Christopher Coletti has performed hundreds of concerts, TV and radio appearances around the world with the group, recorded 7 billboard chart-topping/award-winning CDs, filmed multiple music videos, and arranged a plethora of music that The Brass has recorded and regularly performs.

Chris's links:
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